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Prof. Victor Anomah Ngu - Online Memorial Website

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Prof. Victor Anomah Ngu
Born in Cameroon
85 years
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Dr. Joyce Ashuntantang
...How can one forget? Rest in peace prof! A genius of our time...
Ngu nelson
i have never been in cameroon and have ever seen my late dad once when i was 15. is just two month ago that my mum gave me detail
My mother is from congo kinshasa, may the soul of dad rest in pefect peace.
Vicki French
I am looking for Anna Ngu whom I met at Winona State University in Minnesota, 1976-1977.
Bih Neba-Domche
Grandpa, we would forever miss you.
Kenneth Ebie
Dear Prof, your life was one of love and service. You brightened our world and our lives. Thank you! May your soul rest in peace.
Anna Kangkolo
What we do for ourselves dies with us, but what we do for others and the world remains and is immortal.You will be greatly missed!
Mr & Ms Charles Neba Suh
Uncle,"shoulder my yoke and learn from me for i am gentle and humble in heart and you will find rest for your souls"
Asheri Kilo
Prof, You served your country Cameroon in the most remarkable way. For this and your humility, we say Thank You. Rest Eternally.
Bern Mukam
Uncle, May your gentle soul rest in Perfect Peace. Many thanks for thy great works. May your legacy live on.
Dr.& Mrs.Fergus Akaba Ambe
We thank God for your life and we thank you for your service to humanity and for the time we knew you.RIP.
Dr Enow-Orock George, former s
All has been said about Prof VA Ngu. Not only was he a rare gem, but his personal attributes of simplicity, accessibility and read
Ben Fombon
In just a short time, I learnt so much from you. Always made yourself available to help others even when you were not 100%. RIP
Senge Balimba
May his soul rest in perfect peace. He is in a better place now. May his legacy continue to live on...
Dr Dennis Njinyam
Prof,your great works go far beyond space and time.Generations behind us will better appreciate your already acclaimed works.RIP
Annunciatta Kume-Geh
Prof,your humility,and simplicity are worth emulating.Thank you for being a big brother/father to George and I.
Jane Eyongepey
Prof, you will be greatly missed!! You have left our generation a great legacy to follow. May God bless your family and friends.
Judith Fang
Uncle, Your exemplary life was for all to emulate. You will be dearly missed. We were blessed to have you in our lives. Thank You.
Charles Njilefack
Rest in Peace, Prof. You certainly left the world a better place. My heartfelt condolences to the family you left behind.
Fen Ngu
Uncle, your life is a testimony of God's greatness. You were a gift to mankind. You will be greatly missed. Rest in Peace.
Dr. Ewonkem Roger
Prof. RIP, Your contribution to science and humanity will never be forgotten. Thank you.
Thank you Prof. Anomah Ngu for being a shining example, and a source of inspiration. You left the world a better place, indeed.
Uncle, it is never the right time to leave especially to your loved ones. You made an impact on all of our lives and we miss you.
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